Thursday, May 21, 2009

17th MAY 2009

A new day has started. I am still the same people who go through a bored and lame day everyday, who do nothing new and just  doing the same thing for the whole day.  I started to feel unhappy with my blog. I don’t know for what reason. But as I went through my older post, I just felt like they were nothing interesting to be read. Yeah, the storyline might be interesting to be read but the way they were conveyed and put in article form is like a kindergarten students. Hurm. I, then analyzed my own posts and realized that my vocabulary is really limited and there are too many redundant of words here and there. (do an  ordinary blogger read his own blog and condemn it all the way ?..hahaa..)..i don’t know how to  improvise my English. People would suggest me to read English novel as well as newspapers. But seriously it wont work for me since I hate reading damn much and Im not a person who identify all the single material things that the y read. I just read the article or books and that’s all. There are certain people who would jot down new words and vocabulary or particular words that they do not understand. But im not into it. If I don’t understand, its okay then. Skip to the other passages. I know my sytle would not bring me any goods but I cant change it. If I could change, it would be really Really tough for me..That is my habits and it is not easy for people to adapt with new habits. I used to be an English debater before. But not a good one though. I was a fortunate debater who met with great debater, leslie aida and she brought me to feel how it was  Like to be in Final and holding two so called ‘piala’ for VC CUP last year. (see,I don’t even know the word ‘piala’ in I dumb?) Thanks to her. The same goes to Farah Maznah who used to be my teammate for Pisza last year too. Wasn’t it weird to see how a People like me..i mean student who has limited vocabulary and always come with grammatical errors can survive in debating..i don’t  Know either. But this is the mighty of Allah. He can do what is impossible and vice versa. But now,im no longer debating..i don’t want To lie anymore..i don’t want to act great although im not..Hehe..i tried to push myself to join the debate club in my new studying Place but really can cope with it..ya lah how would u expect me to survive if everybody talk English like their mother tongue but me? I was like a baby who just learn English..( eye is mata..nose is hidung)..hehe..Plus debating is no longer be a hobby is some Sort of serious business where all debaters expects to win. So there we go. I stepped out. Then, here I am..everyday, every second, Every single breathe thinking a good way to improve myself.. Well, nevermind. I will keep my level of English and will ensure my level Of mastering English would not decrease from time to time. ( Hey,just so you know, I have been repeating MUET for three times..i Don’t know whether this time MUET will make me a happy person or it makes me use another rm60 for re-test..) .. yeah, that’s life..No easy way..No shortcut..No SUCCEED..tbe only motivational word to succeed is WORK HARD..and im into it..Dr.Fazley once said that ‘ambition without dream is nothing..but dream without works and actions is useless’ means that it is not wrong to dream about your career or future but it must come with actions or works in order to accomplish  wbat we have been dreaming for..Therefore, lets get started from now.. keep on moving..dont look back..selamat beramal..(dr. ezuddin..)

‘for the betterment of the people,im willing to sacrifice my dignity’

Words from Prof Emeritius Abu Bakar


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