Thursday, May 21, 2009

18th MAY 2009

If the moon was to recommend me

This is what he would say to you

I want to drop the veil of decency

I want to cross the line with you

I insist on destroying myself

On destroying myself in you


Your charms are like a gentle breeze

Let them touch me as you pass

You’re every move a grateful branch

Please move into my heart


Come into my arms, any excuse will do

For I must, I must destroy myself in you

If I tell you my true intentions

I’m sure they’ll make you blush

If I make you hear my heartbeats

I’m sure they’ll leave you flushed

But I cannot hide my feeling true

For I must, I must destroy myself in you

On destroying myself in you


My first POEM. I just create it. I don’t know whether my rhyme is correct

Or my words are appropriate but I just wrote this from the bottom of my heart..

Hope it would be beautiful and nice..

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