Thursday, July 16, 2009

After a long time,blog is not updated..first of all..sorry for was not as i expected..
everything was cramped into one week...many things to do...and the hell part of that, PTPTN x mask lagi..aduh...
kering giler neh..well what have i done this week were totally not interesting outside campus
somewhat change my lifestyle..the class also like not admirable..
since all the lecturers that used to teach us now no longer
teaching A B C..we got new lecturers...and quite
unpredictable laa.. but its ok..will get used to it later..
btw for the third time,
got muet band 3 like totally shit..
kena kuarkan duit lagik..huh...tensen..
alone at no class..
but still wake up early...

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