Saturday, July 25, 2009 sad to be me..

the title reveals sad to be who i am right now..
try to accept my situation..try all out to go through all the pains..
problems..hardship..but obviously..i cant face it alone..
but thats the price to pay to be who i am today.. grateful in am still still able to further my study..
im still have small amount of money to support my living..
but lately i suffered kind of emotional breakdown..why there must be
problems in this world..why cant we go through happiness for the whole life...
all my friends are busy packing their stuffs to go still at home in shah alam...
waiting for the rainbow to appear to cheer my day..i dont know..
im totally sad...


Ain Salleh said...

wats wrong??
nape tak balik??

..LEsLie AidA.. said...

sygku...nape niey?..
..chubby..bein who u are is wat i wanna be..
biarlah kita susa skrg..janji..bila dah kerja..kita jgn susa lg...
..ape gunenye kwn..kalau tak dicari?..
tamaw sedeyy..duet pt da masok..balek laa..


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