Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life As We Know It : Wonderpets Sangat Annoying

Hi guys . hows your day so far ? feeling like posting something in English . so here it is . I have just watched Life as we know it starring John Duhamel . well hey ignore those grammatical error or those inappropriate words used okay . I ain’t good man . that story is inspiring I can say . maybe not for you , but a big yes for me . but please don’t get me wrong. Its not that I am planning to have a baby any short while . it just that it is very interesting when you need to do something that you don’t want to and you were going through a very difficult phase and at last you did very well and succeeded . There is no any better feeling that that kind of feeling , your hardworks  are paid off . 

I believe you guys have watched that movie .  and the most interesting part was when they watched wonderpets together with their child “ sophie “ .. wonderpets are great , right ? you know what , I used to hate that cartoon .. I mean , it is pathetic .. irrelevant .. and illogical .. how can those small sized pets can help every single animals in the world .. and those songs arghhh irritating …. Come to think of it , it is a cartoon by the way .. it is meant for children .. of course , I don’t like it since I am no longer children .. I can think by myself .. but the children , they really cant .. that’s why the cartoon sometimes can be so  illogical in the sense that it is created to attract the children .. more imaginations and dreams are included in the cartoon to visualize the good things that we have to the children .. 

Take a short view on wonderpets .. put aside those characters and annoying songs, think wisely on the idea lying behind it .. co operation and team work is the whole concept of that cartoon .. and to express that concept, they use animals and catchy songs like nursery rhymes to make it interesting and appropriate for children .. it’s a good thing right .. when children watch it , it makes them thinking and at the same time they enjoy looking at those pets saving the world with their songs . 

Orait dah . sumpah rasa macam nerd je post aku kali ni . tiba tiba jadi sopan . tak bersinar . aku baca pun aku tak rasa menarik . haish . memang lah aku tak pandai . takpe lah . tak jadi cakap malay balik . semalam tengok Maria Elena .. macam best je tengok dia speaking .. nak tiru jugak .. tapi tak jadi .. hahaha .. so kesimpulan  , jadilah diri sendiri .. takyah nak tiru orang .. apa yang penting .. kerjasama .. apa yang penting .. kerjasama .. go wonderpets .. go .. 

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