Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ I did something different today..i wasn’t at home after Friday prayer till 7pm.. hehe.. Guess where I went?? Well,after the Friday prayer I followed my father to three different destinations.. First, we went to the You Hoe Supermarket to buy some goods for my sister who stay in hostel.. her school is the way, I agreed to follow my dad since my elderst sister kept on begging me to follow..i refused at first, but then I decided to follow..ya laa nothing much to do at interesting movie on Tv today..something bad did happen at You Hoe.. after we done with the goods,we were heading to the car..actually my dad’s car was in problem where it could not be locked at we need to let it open..or else we will not be able to unlock the car with a car key..since we found out a good way to handle lock the car although it is not well-functioned as we did the same thing during the Friday prayer..but unfortunately, our experiment failed !! we could not open the car at all..bad isn’t it ?? my dad tried all hard to open his car by using a rod..after an hour,it was still failed and not able to unlock..3 men came to help but it was obviously useless..(but at least they did come to lend a hand compared to the others right..thats what a good man should do) last, a gentleman who is the worker of You Hoe came to help..and guess what ? he did it..we managed to get into the car..we managed to unlock the car..the door is back to be to that kind man..the moral of the day..dont eva dare to use your experiment without proper approval by experts..Haah..then, we went straight to SMKAKA since it was already 4 pm..we met my younger sister and gave her her stuffs and heading to Kuala father stopped at a restaurant and started to do his is a type of MLM-multi level is called NONI BLACK HAIR MAGIC..great name isn’t it ?? im sure all of you are wondering whats that ? what the hell was Noni?? What kind of magic?? is actually useful for those who got white hair ( uban ) will make your hair like your hair when you was 10 years colors your hair like your original black manages to turn 50 years old man to 25 years old..hey but don’t get me only changes someone appearance..from white hair like an old man to black hair like a also helps in reducing the problem of dandruffs and hair skin don’t need to go to Yu Nam Hair Care which is obviously would be very expensive.. a pack of Noni Black Hair Magic would only costs you rm25..and if u want my father to do it directly and immediately to your hair, the price would be rm30..rm5 for my dad’s and affordable right ?? it is works and my father gives his customer guarantee..if that Noni does not work..they don’t have to pay even a cent..hows that ?? believe me?? If you’re interested..just give me a mail to we will try to help..especially for those who stay in Dungun,Trg..and feel free to come to our house to get this treatment..dont is Halal.. and you can use it to perform the prayer..a pack of Noni will last for 3 to 4 months..

~hurm..Datuk Zambry managed to be a Menteri Besar for Perak..Datuk Nizar does not have any right to that position..this has been held by the Court of Appeal today..there are pros and cons of this judgment..this shows that the Sultan still has his sovereignty and no one could challenge it..however, this might prove a claim that Malaysia judiciary is no longer fair and independence..well,it is for public to determine which one is better..i don’t know much about this..but I believe that there must be good reason for this judgment..till then, tQ and good night..
- Typed on 22th May 2009

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