Sunday, May 24, 2009

Im watching METROSEXUAL right is THAILAND movie..and you know,Thailand always comes with over funny movie..i could take it laughing like crazy..and guess what my tears drop down my cheek right now..damn hilarious..u guys should watch this..How? Just search it through Youtube.. Then download all eleven videos which are equivalent to METROSEXUAL full movie..this movie has been listed in Astro..but since I don’t have Astro in my house although there are two satellite of Astro on my roofs,but they did not work anymore..the service has been terminated due to the bills that haven’t been paid off !!

~ Well..just to share it with you..right now, there are many people who are confused with their gender and their nature..they don’t even know whether he is a true man although he might be looking tough and firm is the nature when a man falls in love with a woman and a girl falls in love with a boy..but it is totally different when they go against the nature and the same gender get together..intimidate..full of passion..and whatnots.. due to this problem, we could see how many girls that act like a gentleman..and a man acts like a sissy..however, we cant discriminate those people because of several reasons..firstly, they might be born in the condition where he must act like a woman in order to cope with all the people around..e.g when in a family, you’re the only son out of 6 siblings..then, the tendency is there..a son tends to follow the acts of their siblings which are women in such a not saying all single gender in a family would totally face this confusion but there is a case where this happened..this is based on research that has been conducted in Singapore..secondly, when they were born with the feeling of loving the same gender..yeah it is forbidden in Islam..but we cant totally blame or discriminate those outcasts like most people are doing right now..before we start to discriminating them, supposedly we need to guide them..they might be taken care of by a single mother..or by a broken family where a father always drunk and hit the mother..or vice versa..children are born with a plain color..the parents are the one who will create and fix the during his childhood, when he saw his mother was like a whore..he might be phobia or keep hatred towards woman..there are mane reasons why they face with gender confusion..for those were born normal but choose the wrong path, those people we need to abolish and demolish at once before they influence our children, the future generations..however, all my words are totally my opinions..many people would think it elsewhere..and im not hoping u guys would be in my side but I hope u guys can take a second to I right or am I totally wrong..

~ Nobody is perfect.. everybody is facing a difficult time..and that is the time when we really need somebody to comfort us, to advise us, to lead us, and to bring us to the correct path..people tend to make mistake when they are in trouble..they could not think much..they act emotionally..without think rationally..keep blaming others..somewhat blaming themselves..without making a good judgement..start to make accusations and assumptions..somehow effect their emotions until brings harm to himself.that is human..we weren’t born perfect, flawless..but we were born with full of question marks, stupidity which can be changed when we learn something and curiosity..when we were small, a baby perhaps, it would not come across our mind..on how the sperm and oval bind our parents get human is created..who come egg or a hen ?? but as we grow older and bigger, all questions appears and come across my mind..everytime..every second..we starts to think about the creatures..everything..even if there is a valid and stated answer to a question,we would question the validity of the answer..the point here is that,we would know what is going to be happening in the future..there is something which is predictable and some is not..we weren’t born to be alone..we get many people around us that are willing to lend a hand when we need..that are willing to give their ears..when we need to be heard..and there are always shoulders available when we need it to cry on..although there are not many,,but it might be one person..i don’t know why im writing this..that all those things come across my mind at once and I type it at once..have I been matured these time ?? well..i don’t know..hehehe..what with maturity ??..

~ it is already 2.21 I better stop writing..or else my eyes would not easily close at all..till then, good night..enjoy reading..

‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’
‘a hand to give is much more better than a hand to accept’

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