Saturday, June 13, 2009

Examination result has been released on 11th,which was on Thursday at 5.30pm. Alhamdulillah, my result was not that bad. Managed to obtain a dL for this sem. Its a good hit though. Im grateful to Allah S.W.T for giving me this happiness. But through out my joyful, there are others who were crying on that day,after getting their results. i could feel how they feel since someone very close to me suffers the same thing. Yeah, i might not know how harsh and hurt their feeling, but i got the idea how they feel. i cried with her though. i was not expecting this, but yeah, this is a test from HIM. we cant avoid that. we might be studying all out, really hard, burnt the oil at night, but if God say NO, what else we can do right ? we could only pray and pray to HIM for a good outcome. However, dont ever think of giving up.. we have just started.. and the test is only a trial..we gonna face lots more tests after strong and dont look back..yeah you might be failed, and you're a failure, but it does not mean forever. there might be a silver lining anywhere. HE urges you to work harder and smarter. put your faith stands. dont let it go. life is not gonna be admireable anymore for her. she does not know how to go to the class since she stays outside and has no car. Bus? its not that easy to get a bus but yeah thats the only atlernative left. class? hurm..the timetable of course is totally different with others. many changes in her life. but really hope, she wont be weak..she wont be a loser.. hope she can wake up,with new determinations,and new obtaining better grades for all papers. btw, its not that late for me to wish congrats to all my friends.. we did it..we pass ALL papers..hehehe..see u guys next sem..but believe it or not..i got an A for my KESATRIA..hehe..leteh dowh kawad..jalan pun terkangkang da..but quite frustrated with ARAB..all of my friends got an A but I only got A-..ustaz hates me sem again, im gonna face Arab 2..Naah..not hoping for an A..nanti kecewa more gonna have Arab 2, executive simple writing ( bel452 ), hubungan etnik ( ctu553 ), mls2, tort2, consti2, and contract2..huh,..pert is working on our class..still searching for the most great timetable for our class next sem..Yala..stay no cars..hoping for a RAPID next sem..Argh..dah laa fasting month bulan8…memang laa letih…huh..


..LEsLie AidA.. said...

..chubby..i dun noe how to smile so so lost..:(..

coffee said...

wei syukur jela... dah dpt lebih nak kutuk lecturer lak.. igt kite menutut ilmu dan kene la ad adab.. wahahaha chuby xpuas ati arab A-.. arab je kot.. aku lg tak puas ati ngan ko.. jg lemak ko.. wahahaha


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