Thursday, June 11, 2009

Im happy !! I don’t know why.. but im just cant stop smiling. My heart is growing again. It is fragile act. Easily broken and easily completed. I got a appropriate term for my sickness that I suffered which im in recovery stage right now. It is sore eyes. My teacher told me that, Mrs Fini. After two years, we lost contact and now we manage to get in touch. We texted this afternoon but not to long since she is busy with her bro’s wedding. Well. Stuff goes like this. Everybody got tied the knot during this weekend. Believe it or not, we received more than 20 invitation cards for weddings on 5th june until 12th june. Huh. And of course we failed to go to all of the invited weddings. I was quite sad lar coz I wasn’t there for Us.salman’s wedding. My father’s car broke down and I wast had a good health though. Problems come and go. But it is different for me. Problems come and keep coming non-stops. Today, my mom felt irritated by my dad’s attitude and yeah the bomb did explode but did not go long since my dad just kept on silence. Hehe.. that’s a man. We wont prolong woman’s threat and games. That’s why we got 10 akal intead of 1. We think very rational but sometime we do mistakes though, yet we are not perfect. Another prob took place. WE HAVE TO MOVE TO ANOTHER HOUSE !! oh my, this is where I hate most. Ya laa.. kena angkat barang lagi.. due to the big crisis between our agent and her employer. Gila lu olang. They are the one who involve in this fight, but we are the one who infected and get into troubled. We will move from the last block to the second row of the area. Near to khulafa thought. Price would be the same instead of the size of the house and furniture. Still working on the price..we don’t want to have any loss and of course we don’t want the owner to step on our head..we will work it out..adoi..still thinking of riding a bus to class next sem,quite complicated but that’s the only alternative we have. We are not damn rich. We cant afford to pay the rent for both, car and house. We choose the priority which is house. Hurm. If I keep on nagging, nothing is gonna change right. So I better keep on silent. Well, one more day to go. Less than 23 hours, the result would be released. Cant imagine how it would be..still waiting ang hoping for the best..i got one mission..pert knew bout this..he jot down my bet..i hope he suffers short term memory lost ke ape ke..bia dia lupa…that’s the problem when you love to speak non-stops..hehehe…ok laa..its late to go..nite.

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