Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh My.. How I hate today.. When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t easily open up my eyes. It was like glued by somebody. At last, it was open but I felt something wrong with it coz I felt itchy and a lil bit pain there. My heart kept wondering am I being infected by reddish-eyes. I confidently counter-attacked by saying NO ( I pronounce it like Mr Helmi..heh) how come a people with a great antibody like me got that disease. So, I went to a mirror to investigate and ensure what is actually happening to me. I was nervous. Ya laa. Malu la nk kuar rumah mcm ni. Naah. My heart was right. Now I have become a patient I got sickness. Im no longer a healthy man. Hahaha.. But don’t worry. I wont last more than a week Insya Allah. Huh.. Yesterday, I went to Kuala Berang to fetch my sister at MJSC Q-ber. What can I say lifestyle there is not that admireable since the town is just small and just accommodate basic needs for the people. For those who wanted to have fast-food or other stuff. It is not quite suitable for so called ‘org bandar’ to go there or even get their education there. But it is really suitable for us to change ourselves. Ya laa. Living in town, we could easily obtain what we want. Hehe. It is a big deal laa. Anyway Im just watching Ocean 11 and love it.. I know people might say im out-dated. Hell Yes. I just own a laptop. Then only I got the opportunity to keep movies in it. I was not into English movie. Not until I enrolled my form five study. Im not an interesting man. Am I right ? Yeah. Don’t mind bout that. Well, my dream now is just one. I wanna go to Las Vegas. It is too much? No, I guess. Everybody has his own dream. So do I. But perhaps, it seems to be my fantasy. Hope to be true. Who knows, right. It is the end of May. Time is running so fast. I cant turn back. Next sem, im gonna live outside with others 6 friends. Cant imagine how the life would be. Am I ready for this? I don’t know but im better get ready soon as it is only a month to go. Living outside makes things quite complicated. As we used to stay in college, which the accommodations were easily attainable, my spending would not as high as living outside. But yeah, must face it with an open arm. Cant do much. Just wait, wait and keep waiting. Although I live in college, I do skip classes. After this, it is unpredictable. But seriously hope for the best. Class? That would be another problem. What would be if I weren’t comfort in that class? But that’s far more to go. The question that should come to a reasonable man would be, ‘what if my pointer is not satisfied?’ ‘Am I able to catch up all the learning next sem? ‘Do I have enough time to upgrade my grade? For now, Im thinking of any of them. I don’t know why. I got a conflict with myself. Im not keen to study right now. Everything seems hard, dull and boring. I could not stand with it. Just hoping that my result would not be such that bad and I can regain my soul and spirit to study. It is hard to find back the gone spirit. But like it or not, I need it for the betterment of my future. Whats going on with my life now and future? Unpredictable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : for those who sincerely wants to bring and lead me to the right path, you are most welcomed.

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