Wednesday, June 3, 2009

~ Tomorrow is 28th May 2009, Thursday. Well, im sure your siblings and your children would love that since the holiday is going to start. But I hate it. All my siblings which are 10 altogether would be at home all days for the whole two weeks which im sick of it. Maybe im not a good brother but I don’t know. For the last two weeks, I got a great time in the morning. Peace. Harmony. No distraction. I can get a good rest until 12pm. But starting tomorrow, the disaster would start to take place and get ready to boom. Oh my. How I wish there is no holiday for secondary and primary school. Hehe. So, we got another 12days to go before our first sem result is going to be released. Seriously we are damn afraid. Im cowardly waiting for the result. I know my result would not bring satisfaction to me but still hoping for the best. I want to think and imagine. During your hard time, how many good friends of yours would come over and lend you their hands. How many people would willingly and gently ask you whether you have a problem or not. How many or how often a good friend of yours cry when you cry and comfort you when you are unwell. Not many rights? But when your friends are facing difficulties, how often you neglect them? How many times do you ask your friends’ condition to ensure whether they are okay or not in a month? It is quite unfair right? There is a quote saying that ‘ do unto others as u expect people to do unto you’. How far does this quote works? So far, based on my real experience, it only works twice. Well, I might be forgotten but as far as I could remember, yes definitely it is only two times works for me. Actually, It does not really a matter. It is actually about sincerity. Do you sincere when you help your friend? Are you sincere enough when you say ‘ don’t worry. I’ll help you ‘.. that’s the point. If you are very sincere, you would not be hoping for a payment or a good treat in future right? Heheh.. it is really tough to be sincere when you’re actually not. So my advice is. Try to sincere yourself in whatever you do. And try to do more good deeds to the people..and not hope for a payment..and stop depending on not put too much hope on someone..because in the future, In one way or another, it might hurt you. Just go with your way.keep it up and improve.that would be even more better.

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