Friday, August 21, 2009

in cempaka right now..
just done with da test..
quite ok..can be answered..
but can do it better with good reading..
taktau laa..skrg ni mcm mls ssgt nak stady..
dats y mcm takleh jwb sgt..
da 3 test lepas..tapi mcm haram sket..
dah lepas..tak kesah..
wont look back..
da lame x update..
since mcm bz nk update..
online pun juz cek facebook..
minggu nie again cik huda ajk mkn
kat got test..
have to cancel da invitation laa..
lots of things happened..
tp nothing remarkable..
but im in dillema again...
got thing to do this friday..
something dat gonna change
my life nxt might be..
and it might no be..
esok bbuka umah minu..
ngan dak umah..
tgk laa ape yang blh dimakan..
yalaa dia masak kot sok..
btw, happy fasting readers..

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