Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey readers,
Its already 2.09am right now
Im not sleeping yet
Don’t know why
It just that my eyes are working
hard tonite eit
well, I planned to post about
money management earlier
however afta watching
the movie starring Sandra Bullock
I feel more attracted to share
What I got from that movie
I thought it might be a boring
Stereotype film like ‘THE UGLY TRUTH’
Well it turns out to be like
An inspiration movie
To share,
Its about a woman who
Can be classified as weirdo
Or people who love to do
Unusual things
Wearing the red boots
Acting so-not-normal
She’s really strange dowh
But at last the odds of her
Color the true herself
Back to reality
How many of you can actually
Accept those weirdoes
With an open arm ?
Not many, I believe
And how many of you
Pretending not-to-be yourself
Bcoz the people out there
Tell you to change
Most of you, I believe
That’s how it works baby
Have you ever think that
Your oddness can actually
Shape you to be a good person
And color the true you?
Have it crossed your mind
That your act of
Is so-not-cool
Well we have to accept the fact
That we are too afraid to hear
Or receive others’ perceptions
So do I sometimes
That’s why I always feel like
How heaven it would be
If I can do anything without the need
To consider others’ view
Or opinions or reactions
Well apart from that
Every comment and critic
I take it as constructive comment
I just cant be like I wish to
I just cant do anything that I want
Its not like im afraid of criticisms
But Im just avoiding
Certain relatives or family members
To be ashamed or embarrassed
With my acts and attitudes
I believe family is my priority
So do others
Denying the facts
That you have to be yourself
When it involves family
Its even more worth it
And good
Instead of being a sinner
For the rest of your life
To summarize,
Control your behavior
Know your limits
Understand yourself
Be yourself
Do unto others as you would
Have them do unto you

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