Sunday, December 19, 2010

OMG buah hatiku telah dijumpai ~

Gempak habis I must say. For those yang tengok, I believe you guys would think the same way as mine. I don’t have any specialty in music and whatnot, but as the people who see it, who listen to them, or I can say spectator, they are all talented. And somehow they are better than those adult’s reality show. Akademi fantasia for example. Some might just does not agree with me, but who gives a damn. From their showmanship, vocal-wise, voice projection, feels, judging by their age, they are just perfect. I don’t easily come to this. The judges told the same thing. The judges were not people who are without any basic in music, so technically they know which sound is good or bad. Out of 10 contestants, there are five contestants who managed to move a step forward, finalists for Idola Kecil Grand Finale which  will be held on 25th Dec , this upcoming Saturday.

My favorite would be Balqis which happens to be from Terengganu. I just like her tone and her daring attitude. She never failed to impress me. Despite her vocal for the last performance, overall she did very well and she got the originality compared to Puteri, yes she’s damn good, perfect for every performance, but she is more or less like Alyah. Hariz.. hmm I don’t like rockers. i don’t know why. Haha. But I’m sure people who love rock-genre will love Hariz.. Hadi, tembam tembam pun comel. He is too cute, he’s the apple of people’s heart. But his voice sounds childish. As he grow older, the voice will be different, I believe. last but not least, Syazlin. I love her during she sang, Ku ada kamu by adira. Syok beb.

Im not sure I typed in English this time. But I just typed it. Here, I will attach one of Balqis best performance, Hukum Karma. so adik balqis ni aku chop awal2. bila aku kerja, boleh buat bini terus orait =)

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