Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making Decision ? Duhh its tiring

lately , i am having hard times to make a good decision .. a decision where it will affect this whole sem .. it is quite embarrassing though when you yourself cannot decide what is best for you .. it is like you fail to control yourself and the lust is coming over it .. i don't really care if the money does not count it .. but when it involves my financial stability , i have to think twice .. thrice i believe .. well many times i must say .. to count in , today is the sixth day my mind is blocked by the idea of " choose it and not to choose it " .. quite a confusion there ..

.. and believe me, it is tiring and exhausting .. it wont get out from your mind unless you put a full-stop there .. otherwise , your mind might be bloated and bloating at the same thing .. 

which road to be taken ? 

i cant even eat peacefully
keep thinking of it 
i am not at peace now. 

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