Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nuffnang Day Out !

esok aku takde kelas since dua dua kelas tutorial .. so i am going out .. the best part is i got two free tickets for season of the witch movie screening .. cant wait .. this is my first time joining Nuffnang event and i am pretty excited .. i am gonna go with Lena , a good girl friend of mine .. girlfriend mean a friend which is the opposite sex of me .. she is not someone special and whatnot .. she has someone else.. =D .. 

well, so far, the class schedule is quite uptight .. nothing much on classes this week .. life so far in shah alam is just being nice to me .. despite the the problem with making a good decision which i have posted earlier in my blog, everything is just fine .. i am getting over it soon ..thank you for keep on reading peeps .. will update more soon .. 

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