Monday, May 25, 2009


Before, there were always presents that would be mine if I could score and did very well for the examinations.. if I managed to get number 1, 2 or 3 in my class, my dad will give me everything that I wish without hesitation..i used to be a best every year, I will get at least two present as there were two final examinations..and for PMR, I got a family package to Melbourne, Australia for a week..miss that moment..for UPSR, I got NOKIA 3310 which was around rm5oo that time, and I insisted on using Line, not I will ensure myself to entitle to the present by studying smart and do well in exams..This had boosted up my spirit to study since there would be something waiting for success were paid off !!
After, everything has been dad’s business had bankrupt and we are facing hardships in going through our life until more present for our present..and from that moment, I wasn’t one of the best spirit has gone..i only managed to achieve 6As 2Bs for my PMR and 6As for SPM..due to this bad living, Allah has gave me good mind (akal)..i scored well during my pre degree in Law and here I am right now doing degree in law in UiTM Shah Alam.., im waiting for my first sem result..i don’t know how could it be..the study has been more challenging and totally difficult..i could not do well during the exams and believe me, I was study that hard and smart for this exams..i just tired and bored of reading the textbooks..if I did not get good result this sem..i know why..
But, although this situation happens to more gift for my still grateful because im not a spoiled brat..if my father fulfill all my wish,I might be forgetful and maybe sometime be ungrateful..there must be something why this happens to me.. Im not regret…

Before, my family was a rich family..we lived in luxury..we got more than enough foods, clothes, and our lifestyle was always updated..every month we will go for a vacation..we would always have a birthday party..and our Aidil Fitri and Aidil Adha would be the most wanted moments in our life..i miss all those moment..we would have an open day..first day of Raya, we will heading to our Marang and Gong Badak, Terengganu..we will meet all my uncles and aunts as well as cousins and of course we will get many AngPows..
After, my family financial was unstable up until now..we live in ‘serba kekurangan’ and something we cant even get something which is considered as basic need..our foods are totally changed..sometime we just eat rice with ketchup (cap kipas udang)..we rarely buy new clothes..and sometime our friends could easily remember all of our friend did ask me one day..”baju ni lagi ko pakai..takda baju lain ke”..i was quite ashamed that time..and seriously that time I could think rational and started to blame my dad for all these..he called me, I wasn’t answered..the most unwanted days for us would be Aidil Fitri and Aidil Adha..because we don’t have any special dishes for that day and sometime we need to close our main door to avoid people to come and visit us..even sometime my friends texted me,informing their arrival to my house,but I intended create a reason to avoid them..i don’t want to feel ashamed of our Aidil Fitri’s condition..we would rarely go to our village in Marang and Gong Badak..dont get much AngPows and sometime not get even one..
But, this has taught me to be strong and tough in facing all difficulties in life..i might not feel any luxuries that others hope in my age (’s license.. )..i might not have any cars..motocycle..license..but I still get the most happiness that some does not have which is a love from my parents, siblings and friends. Sometimes moral support from all my friends may put me in better condition and thankful to God for giving me good parents that love me and still can teach me what is right and what is wrong..and still try all hard to earn our living..Alhamdulillah..
Im writing this not because I want people to sympathy towards me or feel sad for me.. I don’t need that at all.. I just wanna share what I have been going through all these while.. and im hoping that for those who are in the same boat with me, would think the same way as me or better than me..sometime money is important..but money cant buy can bring us total happiness that all human granted for..what we need to do is that be grateful and don’t forget our roots and where are we come from..Insya Allah, Allah will see our sincerity and gives us happiness that we are hoping for all these while..if not now,it might be in the future..
Till Then, Thank You.. Good Night..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

When two well-known football clubs made it to the final Champion League this coming Thursday at Olympic Stadium of Rome, there are the world best two footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Both valuable players in this planet also known as great striker. It can be said that almost everyday, many newspapers compare which one is greater..whether Ronaldo or Messi.. I red bout that everyday and I am attracted to comment a lil bit bout this..the journalists make a smart comparison between Ronaldo and Messi and somehow forgotten others great footballers such as Wayne Rooney-Samuel Eto’o and Thierry Henry-Dimitar does the greatness of the player be measured?? Does it only take into account current situation?? Or does it consider the whole history of these players?? Many people so called die-hard fan of football ( im not ) question certain attitude of journalists who love to just wrote without take into account the whole storyline..(Why does football favored by the people??) im not into football..seriously..i don’t know why..but I personally think it is just a waste of time..hahaha..dont get me wrong..that was just my opinion..Lets forget bout afraid my blog would be quite not satisfied with the PTPTN right regulation said that it is not compulsory for the students who wants to apply this loan to own a SSPN account..during my time,which is last semester,the early year of 2009,we are compelled to have SSPN and somehow many students could not apply easily since they did not own SSPN..but now?? Without SSPN, PTPTN could still be it fair for us?? keen to meet the PTPTN officer and asks him why and uphold consumer’s right..hehehe..but of course the officer will stare at me and smack me on my head while saying “ Hey you still want us to give you that loan “.. “ of course I do “…then he will yell at me “ so shut up !! we know our works..dont bother us..we wont bother us unless you fail to pay for the loan..then you will be a dead meat..”…hahaha..thats why until today..i just keep my dissatisfaction in my heart since I do really need PTPTN..Hah..Hurm..just wanna share a few links for u to download any movies and songs provided as easy as ABC..
All data are for free… Enjoy and Have Fun.. Happy downloading..

~ I did something different today..i wasn’t at home after Friday prayer till 7pm.. hehe.. Guess where I went?? Well,after the Friday prayer I followed my father to three different destinations.. First, we went to the You Hoe Supermarket to buy some goods for my sister who stay in hostel.. her school is the way, I agreed to follow my dad since my elderst sister kept on begging me to follow..i refused at first, but then I decided to follow..ya laa nothing much to do at interesting movie on Tv today..something bad did happen at You Hoe.. after we done with the goods,we were heading to the car..actually my dad’s car was in problem where it could not be locked at we need to let it open..or else we will not be able to unlock the car with a car key..since we found out a good way to handle lock the car although it is not well-functioned as we did the same thing during the Friday prayer..but unfortunately, our experiment failed !! we could not open the car at all..bad isn’t it ?? my dad tried all hard to open his car by using a rod..after an hour,it was still failed and not able to unlock..3 men came to help but it was obviously useless..(but at least they did come to lend a hand compared to the others right..thats what a good man should do) last, a gentleman who is the worker of You Hoe came to help..and guess what ? he did it..we managed to get into the car..we managed to unlock the car..the door is back to be to that kind man..the moral of the day..dont eva dare to use your experiment without proper approval by experts..Haah..then, we went straight to SMKAKA since it was already 4 pm..we met my younger sister and gave her her stuffs and heading to Kuala father stopped at a restaurant and started to do his is a type of MLM-multi level is called NONI BLACK HAIR MAGIC..great name isn’t it ?? im sure all of you are wondering whats that ? what the hell was Noni?? What kind of magic?? is actually useful for those who got white hair ( uban ) will make your hair like your hair when you was 10 years colors your hair like your original black manages to turn 50 years old man to 25 years old..hey but don’t get me only changes someone appearance..from white hair like an old man to black hair like a also helps in reducing the problem of dandruffs and hair skin don’t need to go to Yu Nam Hair Care which is obviously would be very expensive.. a pack of Noni Black Hair Magic would only costs you rm25..and if u want my father to do it directly and immediately to your hair, the price would be rm30..rm5 for my dad’s and affordable right ?? it is works and my father gives his customer guarantee..if that Noni does not work..they don’t have to pay even a cent..hows that ?? believe me?? If you’re interested..just give me a mail to we will try to help..especially for those who stay in Dungun,Trg..and feel free to come to our house to get this treatment..dont is Halal.. and you can use it to perform the prayer..a pack of Noni will last for 3 to 4 months..

~hurm..Datuk Zambry managed to be a Menteri Besar for Perak..Datuk Nizar does not have any right to that position..this has been held by the Court of Appeal today..there are pros and cons of this judgment..this shows that the Sultan still has his sovereignty and no one could challenge it..however, this might prove a claim that Malaysia judiciary is no longer fair and independence..well,it is for public to determine which one is better..i don’t know much about this..but I believe that there must be good reason for this judgment..till then, tQ and good night..
- Typed on 22th May 2009
Im watching METROSEXUAL right is THAILAND movie..and you know,Thailand always comes with over funny movie..i could take it laughing like crazy..and guess what my tears drop down my cheek right now..damn hilarious..u guys should watch this..How? Just search it through Youtube.. Then download all eleven videos which are equivalent to METROSEXUAL full movie..this movie has been listed in Astro..but since I don’t have Astro in my house although there are two satellite of Astro on my roofs,but they did not work anymore..the service has been terminated due to the bills that haven’t been paid off !!

~ Well..just to share it with you..right now, there are many people who are confused with their gender and their nature..they don’t even know whether he is a true man although he might be looking tough and firm is the nature when a man falls in love with a woman and a girl falls in love with a boy..but it is totally different when they go against the nature and the same gender get together..intimidate..full of passion..and whatnots.. due to this problem, we could see how many girls that act like a gentleman..and a man acts like a sissy..however, we cant discriminate those people because of several reasons..firstly, they might be born in the condition where he must act like a woman in order to cope with all the people around..e.g when in a family, you’re the only son out of 6 siblings..then, the tendency is there..a son tends to follow the acts of their siblings which are women in such a not saying all single gender in a family would totally face this confusion but there is a case where this happened..this is based on research that has been conducted in Singapore..secondly, when they were born with the feeling of loving the same gender..yeah it is forbidden in Islam..but we cant totally blame or discriminate those outcasts like most people are doing right now..before we start to discriminating them, supposedly we need to guide them..they might be taken care of by a single mother..or by a broken family where a father always drunk and hit the mother..or vice versa..children are born with a plain color..the parents are the one who will create and fix the during his childhood, when he saw his mother was like a whore..he might be phobia or keep hatred towards woman..there are mane reasons why they face with gender confusion..for those were born normal but choose the wrong path, those people we need to abolish and demolish at once before they influence our children, the future generations..however, all my words are totally my opinions..many people would think it elsewhere..and im not hoping u guys would be in my side but I hope u guys can take a second to I right or am I totally wrong..

~ Nobody is perfect.. everybody is facing a difficult time..and that is the time when we really need somebody to comfort us, to advise us, to lead us, and to bring us to the correct path..people tend to make mistake when they are in trouble..they could not think much..they act emotionally..without think rationally..keep blaming others..somewhat blaming themselves..without making a good judgement..start to make accusations and assumptions..somehow effect their emotions until brings harm to himself.that is human..we weren’t born perfect, flawless..but we were born with full of question marks, stupidity which can be changed when we learn something and curiosity..when we were small, a baby perhaps, it would not come across our mind..on how the sperm and oval bind our parents get human is created..who come egg or a hen ?? but as we grow older and bigger, all questions appears and come across my mind..everytime..every second..we starts to think about the creatures..everything..even if there is a valid and stated answer to a question,we would question the validity of the answer..the point here is that,we would know what is going to be happening in the future..there is something which is predictable and some is not..we weren’t born to be alone..we get many people around us that are willing to lend a hand when we need..that are willing to give their ears..when we need to be heard..and there are always shoulders available when we need it to cry on..although there are not many,,but it might be one person..i don’t know why im writing this..that all those things come across my mind at once and I type it at once..have I been matured these time ?? well..i don’t know..hehehe..what with maturity ??..

~ it is already 2.21 I better stop writing..or else my eyes would not easily close at all..till then, good night..enjoy reading..

‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’
‘a hand to give is much more better than a hand to accept’ afraid you guys will feel bored reading all my posts since they were related to me and they were actually my daily to make it fair and cheering up my Im gonna share several steps on how to maintain the performance of your lappy and enhance your desktop..ok..enjoy and do try this at home..


· Click start and choose run
· Type regedit (the registry will automatically open)
· Choose "HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters".
· Search "Enable Prefetcher" right click and click modify then set value data to "5".
· Restart your lappy and done…
p/s: this is applicable to all kinds of laptops and desktops..


Recently, there are many new viruses that spread away..These viruses easily use Internet Explorer as a medium to spread it and left a sign such as Hacked by IIC Team and many more..There are also a sign that use artist name such as Fasha Sandha, Norman Hakim and etc..(I would feel lucky if those artist hacks my computer..But if not that beauty artist hacks me,I would rather die)..hehehe…so I would recommend several ways for u guys to follow in order to clear the viruses..It has been proven its effectiveness..

1.Double Click on My Computer icon on Desktop and select Tools --> Folder Options
2.When Folder Options click at View[b] tab- check at [b]Show Hidden files and folders- unchuck the Hide extention… and Hide protected operating system file- click OK
3.Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. The Windows Task Manager will display. Click at Processes tab- Click menu Image Name (to sort Files)- Select wscript.exe (one by one)- Click End Process button
4.Open drive (By right click and select Explore. Must not Double Click !) Delete autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs (or other file that have extantion .vbs (Press Shift+Delete) in all drives include Handy Drive and Floppy disk.
5.Open folder C:\WINDOWS to delete MS32DLL.dll.vbs (or other file that have extantion .vbs inside (press Shift+Delete)6.Go to Start --> Run and enter regedit click OK. Registry Edit dialog will display.
6.Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> Software --> Microsoft --> Windows --> Current Version --> Run to delete MS32DLL (or the file that have same name with above) (press Delete key on keyboard)
7.Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Software --> Microsoft --> Internet Explorer --> Main to delete Window Title “Hacked by Godzilla” (or anything else) (press Delete key on keyboard)8.Click Start --> Run and enter gpedit.msc click OK. Group Policy dialog will display.
9.Select User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System --> Double Click on file Turn Off Autoplay then Turn Off Autoplay Properties will display- Select Enabled- Select All drives- Click OKTo prevent auto open when we insert CD or plug the Handy Drive that is the way virus infect.
10.Click Start --> Run and enter msconfig Click OK. The System Configuration Utility dialog will display- Click Startup tab- Uncheck MS32DLL (p/s:if it didn't have this file, leave it)- Click Apply- Click OK (or Close)When the System Configuration dialog display select Exit Without Restart
11.Double Click on icon My Computer on Desktop. Then select Tools --> Folder Options
12.On Folder Options dialoq select View tab- Check at Hide extention… and Hide protected operating system file- Click OK
13.Right Click at Recycle bin. Then select Empty Recycle Bin to make sure the virus is deleted.


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

18th MAY 2009

If the moon was to recommend me

This is what he would say to you

I want to drop the veil of decency

I want to cross the line with you

I insist on destroying myself

On destroying myself in you


Your charms are like a gentle breeze

Let them touch me as you pass

You’re every move a grateful branch

Please move into my heart


Come into my arms, any excuse will do

For I must, I must destroy myself in you

If I tell you my true intentions

I’m sure they’ll make you blush

If I make you hear my heartbeats

I’m sure they’ll leave you flushed

But I cannot hide my feeling true

For I must, I must destroy myself in you

On destroying myself in you


My first POEM. I just create it. I don’t know whether my rhyme is correct

Or my words are appropriate but I just wrote this from the bottom of my heart..

Hope it would be beautiful and nice..

my favorite song eva..

Artist: Marc Anthony

Title: My Baby You


as i look into your eyes

i see all the reasons why

my life's worth a thousand skies

you're the simplest love i've known

and the purest one i'll own

know you'll never be alone

chorus: my baby you

are the reason i could fly

and 'cause of you

i don't have to wonder why

baby you

there's no more just getting by

you're the reason i feel so alive

though these words i say are true

they still fail to capture you

as mere words can only do

how do i explain that smile

and how it turns my world around

keeping my feet on the ground

repeat chorus

i will soothe you if you fall

i'll be right there if you call

you're my greatest love of all

repeat chorus

arianna i feel so alive

17th MAY 2009

A new day has started. I am still the same people who go through a bored and lame day everyday, who do nothing new and just  doing the same thing for the whole day.  I started to feel unhappy with my blog. I don’t know for what reason. But as I went through my older post, I just felt like they were nothing interesting to be read. Yeah, the storyline might be interesting to be read but the way they were conveyed and put in article form is like a kindergarten students. Hurm. I, then analyzed my own posts and realized that my vocabulary is really limited and there are too many redundant of words here and there. (do an  ordinary blogger read his own blog and condemn it all the way ?..hahaa..)..i don’t know how to  improvise my English. People would suggest me to read English novel as well as newspapers. But seriously it wont work for me since I hate reading damn much and Im not a person who identify all the single material things that the y read. I just read the article or books and that’s all. There are certain people who would jot down new words and vocabulary or particular words that they do not understand. But im not into it. If I don’t understand, its okay then. Skip to the other passages. I know my sytle would not bring me any goods but I cant change it. If I could change, it would be really Really tough for me..That is my habits and it is not easy for people to adapt with new habits. I used to be an English debater before. But not a good one though. I was a fortunate debater who met with great debater, leslie aida and she brought me to feel how it was  Like to be in Final and holding two so called ‘piala’ for VC CUP last year. (see,I don’t even know the word ‘piala’ in I dumb?) Thanks to her. The same goes to Farah Maznah who used to be my teammate for Pisza last year too. Wasn’t it weird to see how a People like me..i mean student who has limited vocabulary and always come with grammatical errors can survive in debating..i don’t  Know either. But this is the mighty of Allah. He can do what is impossible and vice versa. But now,im no longer debating..i don’t want To lie anymore..i don’t want to act great although im not..Hehe..i tried to push myself to join the debate club in my new studying Place but really can cope with it..ya lah how would u expect me to survive if everybody talk English like their mother tongue but me? I was like a baby who just learn English..( eye is mata..nose is hidung)..hehe..Plus debating is no longer be a hobby is some Sort of serious business where all debaters expects to win. So there we go. I stepped out. Then, here I am..everyday, every second, Every single breathe thinking a good way to improve myself.. Well, nevermind. I will keep my level of English and will ensure my level Of mastering English would not decrease from time to time. ( Hey,just so you know, I have been repeating MUET for three times..i Don’t know whether this time MUET will make me a happy person or it makes me use another rm60 for re-test..) .. yeah, that’s life..No easy way..No shortcut..No SUCCEED..tbe only motivational word to succeed is WORK HARD..and im into it..Dr.Fazley once said that ‘ambition without dream is nothing..but dream without works and actions is useless’ means that it is not wrong to dream about your career or future but it must come with actions or works in order to accomplish  wbat we have been dreaming for..Therefore, lets get started from now.. keep on moving..dont look back..selamat beramal..(dr. ezuddin..)

‘for the betterment of the people,im willing to sacrifice my dignity’

Words from Prof Emeritius Abu Bakar

memory in arabic class

trip to sungai kanching


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