Sunday, October 17, 2010

it has been ages since i typed the last post .. time constraint people .. but now , it seems like everybody starts to re-blogging .. then , i have to say , i am not gonna miss this moment .. thats the thing kan .. people will follow the trend .. when people got active in fb , everybody will move forwards to have fb account as well .. currently, my life seems to kick me and pain me in the ass .. i have to say this .. am i being ungrateful ?? nope , its just reality check .. how on earth people can be happy for the rest of the year without any single raining day ?? i wonder that .. i believe everybody will and am going through this .. its just a matter on how you try to overcome all the obstacles or you can just choose to keep silent and following your life as it is .. well i am not happy now .. i am trying to guard myself and fight the problem coming but i am not that strong .. sometimes i am weak and fragile .. and yes i am weak , damn weak this month .. i am not able to fight .. i need medicine .. i need injection .. but how shall i get both ?? even if my heart cries out loud, nobody would listen .. nobody would give a damn about me ..because they just dont understand .. i dont expect everybody to understand what i feel .. but sometimes as a normal human being, we are hoping for somebody that can comfort us and help us when we are in trouble ..


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