Friday, July 31, 2009

second time blogging at my
uncle's. again im not going back yet.
tomorrow morning will do..
nothing much actually..
juz now we went to Masjid..
the only masjid kat puncak perdana kot..
agak jauh laa..even driving..
best part of it, org x ramai..tak pelu
nak beratur..berhimpit2 ke ape..
x mcm kat shah alam..
at least mcm khusyuk sket kot..
hehehe.. xoxo...
my uncle treats me mcm budak kecik
jugaklaa..yelaa aku kan pemalu..
so segan laa jugak..
nak tunjuk the real me..
control jer..
makan pun ala2 sopan jer..
cakap lemah lembut jer..
akak aku lagik laa..
tido bgn awal jer..heheeh...
sorry ye Along..
terkutuk sket..
diz morning,went to Uncle's cafe
for best laa
ader cafe sendirik kan..
suka hati jer nak order ape pun..
ader org masakkan...
tu laa lambat sgt hbs blaja..
nanti da graduate..
will open my cafe gak..
heeh...makan takyah byr..
order jer.. org buat..
berangan jer lebih aku neh..
tomorrow,going out with Izwan Syafiq..
taktau g mane..tapi g tgk wayang 4 sure..
told him already nk g tgk THE PROPOSAL sok..
kalo dia pg tgk ngan awek dia dulu.
mmg cam hampeh laa kan..
takpe..i shall wait n c..
hehe..esok aku update ape yg terjadi..
my cousins here mmg laa hyperactive cambest..
yelaa diorang takde geng kan..
duduk 3 org..parents bz sket..hohoh...
best gak layan dak kecik neh..
igt kat adik kat umah..
tapi takdelaa igt sgt pun..yerlaa,,
adik sendirik tak best mcm adik org len..
ye tak ??
kalo adik sendirik..degil sket lempang jer..
adik org..senyum jer..sambil2 tepuk dinding...
hehe..yerlaa..ank org..sakit susah lak nti..
huh..letih daa..kawan2 da lame x update blog hampeh jer..
bajet bz..hehe

Thursday, July 30, 2009

love PTPTN happy...
ptptn gives me new hope..
hahaha..used to money ody..
half left..since all the debt settled..
got another great news for me..
that make me smile for the whole day..
dont wanna share it..
thing for sure,im not going to class..
this wednesday..
now,in Puncak Perdana..
my Uncle's house..
at least kua juga dari rumah sewa..
rasa jugak macam holiday kan..
faiz texted me juz now..
asking for another karaoke.. in..nak2..
my sis stayed in my house for 2 days..
shauki was in the same house..
quite worried..ya laa kan..
kot2 laa tetiba dtg pak imam..
aku ok laa boleh tunjuk ic..
shauki ? hee.. name bapak lain kot..
xnk ah dia jadik abg ipar aku..
got wifi jer kije..
smlm kne marah..duk download..
smp internet lmbt..
time tu uncle nak buat keje..
hee..sorry yee cik agos..
daa lame tak mendownload neh..
mlm ni or esk going back to shah alam..
tp maybe stay at Along's house..
since dia sorang..umah da Ok..
now, mission nak cari kasut satu..
kasut formal da koyak rabak..
Ptptn ada.. boleh guna..
tak blh beli kasut laa..
sehari dgn cik agos..
make me think many things..
from different angles..
now i know..
i got the answer
for my interval question..
my sis daa ade fb..
nanti dia ade blog gak kot..
hrp takde..
menyemak je..
daa tgk land of the lost..
bapak bengong citer..
tapi fun..worth it la rm10..
next week maybe g jmp
nyamuk..dia balik msia..dari russia..
menyemak jugak tuh..
bila laa turn aku nak pegi neh..
passport daa ade...
tiket je takda...
letih mmg letih..
smlm tido mcm tu je..
buat keje sket..
skrg da blur..
so nk stop dlu...

p/s : janji ngan badai nk g tgk transformer..
taktau la bile..
sorry ye bro..

Saturday, July 25, 2009 sad to be me..

the title reveals sad to be who i am right now..
try to accept my situation..try all out to go through all the pains..
problems..hardship..but obviously..i cant face it alone..
but thats the price to pay to be who i am today.. grateful in am still still able to further my study..
im still have small amount of money to support my living..
but lately i suffered kind of emotional breakdown..why there must be
problems in this world..why cant we go through happiness for the whole life...
all my friends are busy packing their stuffs to go still at home in shah alam...
waiting for the rainbow to appear to cheer my day..i dont know..
im totally sad...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

After a long time,blog is not updated..first of all..sorry for was not as i expected..
everything was cramped into one week...many things to do...and the hell part of that, PTPTN x mask lagi..aduh...
kering giler neh..well what have i done this week were totally not interesting outside campus
somewhat change my lifestyle..the class also like not admirable..
since all the lecturers that used to teach us now no longer
teaching A B C..we got new lecturers...and quite
unpredictable laa.. but its ok..will get used to it later..
btw for the third time,
got muet band 3 like totally shit..
kena kuarkan duit lagik..huh...tensen..
alone at no class..
but still wake up early...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

There's a growing body of research that finds taller people make more money.

The latest study, in Australia, found that being 6-foot tall brings raises annual income nearly $1,000 compared to men two inches shorter.

"Taller people are perceived to be more intelligent and powerful," according to the study, published recently in the Economic Record.

"Our estimates suggest that if the average man of about 178 centimeters [5 feet 10 inches] gains an additional five centimeters [2 inches] in height, he would be able to earn an extra $950 per year - which is approximately equal to the wage gain from one extra year of labor market experience," said study co-author Andrew Leigh, an economist at the Australian National University.

Other studies in the United States and Britain put the extra earnings at nearly that much per inch.

"The truth is, tall people do make more money. They make $789 more per inch per year," says Arianne Cohen, author of "The Tall Book" (Bloomsbury USA, June, 2009).

There's nothing else physically measurable about tall people that explains the salary boost, however, Cohen explained recently on American Public Media's radio program Marketplace. "They're not nicer. They're not prettier. They're not anything else. But they've sort of gotten a halo in society at this point."

Serious money over time

As the inches mount, the salary continues to, too.

Cohen's number is based in part on a 2003 review of four large U.S. and UK studies led by Timothy Judge, a management professor at the University of Florida. Judge and his colleague concluded that someone who is 7 inches taller - for example, 6 feet versus 5 feet 5 inches - would be expected to earn $5,525 more per year.

Height was found to be more important than gender in determining income (though that claim is debatable, depending on how you analyze the gender salary gap) and its significance doesn't decline with age.

"If you take this over the course of a 30-year career and compound it, we're talking about literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of earnings advantage that a tall person enjoys," Judge said then.

Being tall may boost self-confidence, helping to make a person more successful and also prompting people to ascribe more status and respect to the tall person, Judge said.

Of course all such studies generate averages. A shorter person can certainly beat the odds, and not every tall person is raking it in.

Cohen, who is 6 foot 3 inches tall, says the pay advantage is conferred partly because taller people tend to exude leadership.

"Tall people tend to act like a leader from a very young age because other children relate to them like a slightly older peer," she said on the radio program. "In the workplace, when you're automatically acting as a leader, that's really important when it comes time for promotion."

To some extent, then, the advantage of height may date back to youth.

A 2003 study of 2,000 U.S. men found that their height at age 16 had a big effect on their salary as an adult, regardless of how tall they ended up being. "We found that two adults of the same age and height, who were different heights at age 16, were treated differently in the labor market. The taller teen earned more," said study team member Nicola Persico of the University of Pennsylvania.

Vertically challenged

All is not rosy on high, however.

In her book, Cohen notes that being tall can cost more, from additional food requirements to costlier clothes and the desire for outsized things like high-ceilinged homes. (Interestingly, there's a growing debate about whether obese people should pay for their excess footprint on society and the environment, yet nobody is calling for taxing the tall.)

The average height for American men is about 5 feet 9 inches nearly 5 feet 4 inches for women. In more than a century, no U.S. president has been below average height (the last one was William McKinley, at 5 feet 7 inches, and he was ridiculed in the press as a "little boy," Judge said).

Judge figures the advantages of height today are rooted in our evolutionary decision-making regarding who was most powerful.

"When humans evolved as a species and still lived in the jungles or on the plain, they ascribed leader-like qualities to tall people because they thought they would be better able to protect them," Judge said. "Although that was thousands of years ago, evolutionary psychologists would argue that some of those old patterns still operate in our perceptions today."


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