Sunday, June 28, 2009

I love this weekend. Why? Because on Thursday, I met with my old friends which are Farha Ilyana and Jerry. Seriously, when I met her, we talked non-stop and we laughed continuosly. Until other customers at that restaurant, stared at us with an angry face. But we could not shut our mouth and we were not able to stop. Then Jerry came and we tried to be more soft-spoken. Hehehe. But the time was not admirable since they only got one hour to be in town. Yesterday which was Saturday, I went to UiTM Dungun to observe Farha and Jerry debating. Actually, they are all here for PISZA Debate Tournament. UiTM Pahang which used to be my former university did not send their debaters which are all my friends since they failed to get the allocations to come. Too bad lar. They can totally win this sem since I could see UiTM Pahang Debaters are more great than them. But in competition, anything could happen. First match for the day, I followed Jerry to the debate’s room. I waited outside when they were discussing about the motion for 30 mins but still we communicated through SMS. Hehehe. Technology always right!! ‘this house would harsher sentence for celebrity’. The debate was still under average since they were not debating directly and deeply about the motion and everything seemed dull. It was like they were too lazy to think out of the box neither the govt nor the opposition. It ends up with the winning team goes to the opposition. Seriously the govt could win actually but they did not counter attack the main and only point of opposition which is the silliest point in this world. “ human right and the basic of law “. Hey, in a democracy country, we would never put human right above the law !! btw, the adjudicator was my debate teacher in MRSM, and she is currently transferred to UiTM Dungun as a lecturer, teacher yati. She did share with me a story which was totally our nightmare during the debate competition ( minggu bahasa ). My teammates were Azmanuddin and Fahmi. I was the second speaker. We managed to be in semi-final and we fought MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA. We lost with the motion ‘this house would send student representative to parliament’ and we were the opposition. Seriously we thought we could win since it was clear win for us actually since the points given by MRSM PC debaters were not clashed with ours and they did not directly clashed with our case. But they did win due to the fluency in English. That’s all !! we were damn frustrated and yeah teacher yati did not satisfiy with the verdict and we went to the judge which used to be our teacher ( Miss Kay ) in MRSM KT but she transferred to ask why did they win. The answer was only one. Their English is better than us and we really thought that’s was just the excuse. The main point why they won is because of name. MRSM PC kan bitara !! MRSM KT tak !! Hampeh btol.. back to the story. Last year, teacher yati when to KEM PENGHAKIMAN DEBAT. And guess what. She met Miss K again. Hehehe. The presenter which used to be debater said in front.. “in debating language is doesn’t matter.the most important thing is argument”.. Teacher yati laughed and stared at Miss Kay. Then Miss Kay yelled, “ I know you should win last time “..Hehehe..but nothings changed lar..da 3 tahun berlalu.. for second motion, I went to see Farha debating. Hehehe. She never changed. But we could totally since that only Farha brings the team up. Only farha gave the Izin Laluan and the Izin Laluan given were totally the key of arguments of that motion and those questions were supposed to be argued by the first speaker. Tapi yerlaa novice kan. So macam tak berapa nak tangkap sgt..but overall they did dapat laa jugak lepas rindu kan tgk ‘guru besar’ ni besar here does not mean principle or headmaster but its actually means cikgu yang besar..hahaha..till then..tQ..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well..just got a new spectacle..after a long time wearing an old spectacle..hohoho..yeah2..
but wasn’t very happy..i fall in love wif another spectacle..
its BUM EQUIPMENT..rm450..
my father did not have that big we got DANA rm200 for spectacle..
then only I got a chance to make a new once..
still dreaming of getting my favorite..
maybe one day..
did not manage to get the pic to put in my blog..
but nevermind..its still fresh in my mind..


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Examination result has been released on 11th,which was on Thursday at 5.30pm. Alhamdulillah, my result was not that bad. Managed to obtain a dL for this sem. Its a good hit though. Im grateful to Allah S.W.T for giving me this happiness. But through out my joyful, there are others who were crying on that day,after getting their results. i could feel how they feel since someone very close to me suffers the same thing. Yeah, i might not know how harsh and hurt their feeling, but i got the idea how they feel. i cried with her though. i was not expecting this, but yeah, this is a test from HIM. we cant avoid that. we might be studying all out, really hard, burnt the oil at night, but if God say NO, what else we can do right ? we could only pray and pray to HIM for a good outcome. However, dont ever think of giving up.. we have just started.. and the test is only a trial..we gonna face lots more tests after strong and dont look back..yeah you might be failed, and you're a failure, but it does not mean forever. there might be a silver lining anywhere. HE urges you to work harder and smarter. put your faith stands. dont let it go. life is not gonna be admireable anymore for her. she does not know how to go to the class since she stays outside and has no car. Bus? its not that easy to get a bus but yeah thats the only atlernative left. class? hurm..the timetable of course is totally different with others. many changes in her life. but really hope, she wont be weak..she wont be a loser.. hope she can wake up,with new determinations,and new obtaining better grades for all papers. btw, its not that late for me to wish congrats to all my friends.. we did it..we pass ALL papers..hehehe..see u guys next sem..but believe it or not..i got an A for my KESATRIA..hehe..leteh dowh kawad..jalan pun terkangkang da..but quite frustrated with ARAB..all of my friends got an A but I only got A-..ustaz hates me sem again, im gonna face Arab 2..Naah..not hoping for an A..nanti kecewa more gonna have Arab 2, executive simple writing ( bel452 ), hubungan etnik ( ctu553 ), mls2, tort2, consti2, and contract2..huh,..pert is working on our class..still searching for the most great timetable for our class next sem..Yala..stay no cars..hoping for a RAPID next sem..Argh..dah laa fasting month bulan8…memang laa letih…huh..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Im happy !! I don’t know why.. but im just cant stop smiling. My heart is growing again. It is fragile act. Easily broken and easily completed. I got a appropriate term for my sickness that I suffered which im in recovery stage right now. It is sore eyes. My teacher told me that, Mrs Fini. After two years, we lost contact and now we manage to get in touch. We texted this afternoon but not to long since she is busy with her bro’s wedding. Well. Stuff goes like this. Everybody got tied the knot during this weekend. Believe it or not, we received more than 20 invitation cards for weddings on 5th june until 12th june. Huh. And of course we failed to go to all of the invited weddings. I was quite sad lar coz I wasn’t there for Us.salman’s wedding. My father’s car broke down and I wast had a good health though. Problems come and go. But it is different for me. Problems come and keep coming non-stops. Today, my mom felt irritated by my dad’s attitude and yeah the bomb did explode but did not go long since my dad just kept on silence. Hehe.. that’s a man. We wont prolong woman’s threat and games. That’s why we got 10 akal intead of 1. We think very rational but sometime we do mistakes though, yet we are not perfect. Another prob took place. WE HAVE TO MOVE TO ANOTHER HOUSE !! oh my, this is where I hate most. Ya laa.. kena angkat barang lagi.. due to the big crisis between our agent and her employer. Gila lu olang. They are the one who involve in this fight, but we are the one who infected and get into troubled. We will move from the last block to the second row of the area. Near to khulafa thought. Price would be the same instead of the size of the house and furniture. Still working on the price..we don’t want to have any loss and of course we don’t want the owner to step on our head..we will work it out..adoi..still thinking of riding a bus to class next sem,quite complicated but that’s the only alternative we have. We are not damn rich. We cant afford to pay the rent for both, car and house. We choose the priority which is house. Hurm. If I keep on nagging, nothing is gonna change right. So I better keep on silent. Well, one more day to go. Less than 23 hours, the result would be released. Cant imagine how it would be..still waiting ang hoping for the best..i got one mission..pert knew bout this..he jot down my bet..i hope he suffers short term memory lost ke ape ke..bia dia lupa…that’s the problem when you love to speak non-stops..hehehe…ok laa..its late to go..nite.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

im recovered from eyes eyesight still blur..but i can go movie like i did one weeks ago..hehe..Alhamdulillah...two days to go..the result will be nervous..if i got bad result..and my parents do no gonna be a dead meat..oh my..then they got a good reason why i got such that bad result.. LAPTOP !! Oh my..i wish they know how i felt and how hard and harsh that i have went through this whole i have another alternative to get myself out of it?? aduh..kalau laa aku sakit mata this week..aderlaa reason kenape taknak check result..sakit mata..tak nampk..hehehe..

Monday, June 8, 2009


- I wanna go to Las Vegas

Leslie because she speaks damn well in English and she looks like a Dutch. Haha is she? I don’t know. So when I arrive there, she would be my tour guide and translator. I would be easy lar. If I wanna buy expensive stuff where I cant afford it which the shop owner is a man, I would ask leslie to flirt with the owner to get a better and cheap price. “ Abg, aida nak tu.. aida nak tu.. “ Haha. Lets say im out of money since the lifestyle in Las Vegas would be high, I will ask leslie to sing at the street until we get more than enough money. Or if it does not work, I will just sell her to any of the rich people there. Of course there would be a buyer. If she refuse, nah aku bagi jual je kat tokey butik kasut mane2.. diam laa die.. tak pun sumbat je mknn..mesti diam punye..

- I wanna go to Amazon

Mien because I don’t know actually. Maybe she cant talk with a monkey there if we get lost. Hahaha. Plus animals would love her since she is cheeky like monkey. Haha. ( I hope Mien would not read this ).. kalau de wild animal nak kacau aku, skali Mien kentut sure2 takde binatang berani nak kacau..haha..
Pert because of his body size. Plus he would bring more than enough foods since you know pert is not small. So he needs a lot of foods to keep on living and energetic. And if the food is out of stock, he would hunt any animals there and I got meat to eat then. Kalau pert malas, aku sebut satu name je sure dia rajin secara tetibe plus gelabah.. test test.. “fama”..mesti pert ngah senyum sorang2 kat dpn skrin computer neh..
Jenol because he got something special that others don’t. so if there is wild animal wants to get to know me or want to disturb me, jenol will prevent it and he will make me feel secure. Jenol senyum je.. terkeluar laa senjata rahsie die..lagipun jenol kan ader bodyguard, labi2..And If im tired of walking, jenol can bring me keep on moving with his taxi. And yeah for free. I don’t need to call any Prebet. Haha.

- I wanna go to Bomoh’s house

Wawi because she is an expert in momok’s stuff. And if there is any momok sesat nak ganggu aku pun, she can easily save me. By saying, “hey momok. Blah cepat sblm aku panggil pak mirul, wakil GPMS. Nanti tak pasal, ko punyer keahlian di tarik serta merta.” Plus, if out of sudden anak jin Ahmad Albab came out, wawi can entertain them. Wawi is lovely and can stand with people’s behavior unless kalau anak jin nak lebih, mampus laa ko jin. Haha. Ditelan nya nanti.
Qiena because ya laa.. Jenglot kot.. Senang.. takda org kacau aku.. tapi mesti aku bz sket laa.. sure2 ramai momok tegur Qiena.. “ Eh jenglot, ko dpt tuan baru ea..macho sial..aum..” hahaha. Momok got taste lar.. And if aku nak minta ngan bomoh nk jumpa Cindarella, mesti laa tok bomoh cakap.. “ hotak lu..cindarella tak wujud ngok” aku dengan tenangnya akan berkata dengan bijaknya.. “tok, kalau cindarella tak wujud,macam mane org kerdil ne boleh sesat kat hutan masa ambik kayu untuk cindarella..” sambil jari ku tunjuk kearah Qiena.. Diam ko tok bomoh.. Haha..tapi kalau bawa BADAI skali mesti tok bomoh mati terus. Dua org kerdil kot aku ade.. hahah.. plus kalau Badai bawak Yani skali, berbuih mulut tok bomoh.. hehe..x sempat mengucap neh..

- I wanna go Jogging

Shauki because he will love it. Ya laa.. si dia, ( PP,bukan nama sebenar ) suka sport man..ala2 yg pandai camping kn.. hahaha…sure shoki nk..dgr kata shoki pun nak beli keta naza lepas ne..ok laa kan..hehe..kalau nak bwk Pokcik, nanti kan lambat lak sampai kat garisan penamat..kalau bawak Jenol,tkt die tido lak tgh2 rest..ala2 citer rakyat zaman dulu..huhuh..
For those who involve in my dream above, sorry ya !! hehehe..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When I read my blog, I found many loopholes here and there. There were many unfinished sentences and many times I missed the word ‘not’ and it changed the whole idea of my story. Well, I hope you guys do understand and managed to change it in your reading since I typed all of my posts late at night. That’s why my writing is not perfect. And yeah there goes a phrase said that ‘ nobody is perfect but everybody is walking towards the perfections ‘. I got my whole life up until now trying all hard to be flawless but I could not. There is always something comes up to make it wrong and flaws. That’s the nature. If all things are perfect, then there would be no check and balance in nature. My older post titled THINGS THAT I LOVE AND HATE AFTER 13 years old have actually brought me to remorseful. Why did I open up my story that only can embrass me..why did I tell the whole world about my life that only can bring the feeling of sympathy of the readers towards me. But seriously, it was not my intention at the first place. I love to give and share everything that I have been experiencing for the 19 years of my life and to let people know the true me, the inside of me and who am I. People might think we are rich by observing our food intake as well as our spending. But it is not fair actually to make judgments on those basics since anybody would pretend outer to look great and to look at par with the people around and surroundings. It is not that they are wealthy or they got a million in their account. Sometimes, people got to show off to look wealthier which is actually they are not. Sometimes, people would eat more than they are supposed to eat although they haven’t got much money to spend. But that’s the only way for them to feel in what is the real life is all about and how do people around get on their living. Not all people would understand us in all circumstances but we are the one who need to make they understand and they can treat us as they are supposed to. Some people believe that you should spend based on your positions. Means, if you’re poor, just act like you are one. Don’t act like you’re rich. That will make people sick of you. But sometimes by behaving the true you, there would be many people run away and stay away from you. Then, pretending is a good thing to do. I have a friend which is quite wealthier but act like he is a son of street salesman. He improperly set the spending for the whole month which we would say does not totally suits with his condition. Yes, it wasn’t that bad either damn good but it was still fine with me. But what makes people get hell with him is that he loves to take others props and sometimes the poor students suffered because of him. He can afford to buy hundreds pencil like that, but he wont buy. He rather borrows it from friends and take and keep it if he likes. Was it good? Sometimes, proper guide for your spending is good but on the other side, it would be nothing if you make others suffer. Well, friends come and go. But for how long would it lasts? One way or another, we will need each other moreover we are students and live in big community. I don’t point any individual but just so you know, we grant you to change.
Oh My.. How I hate today.. When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t easily open up my eyes. It was like glued by somebody. At last, it was open but I felt something wrong with it coz I felt itchy and a lil bit pain there. My heart kept wondering am I being infected by reddish-eyes. I confidently counter-attacked by saying NO ( I pronounce it like Mr Helmi..heh) how come a people with a great antibody like me got that disease. So, I went to a mirror to investigate and ensure what is actually happening to me. I was nervous. Ya laa. Malu la nk kuar rumah mcm ni. Naah. My heart was right. Now I have become a patient I got sickness. Im no longer a healthy man. Hahaha.. But don’t worry. I wont last more than a week Insya Allah. Huh.. Yesterday, I went to Kuala Berang to fetch my sister at MJSC Q-ber. What can I say lifestyle there is not that admireable since the town is just small and just accommodate basic needs for the people. For those who wanted to have fast-food or other stuff. It is not quite suitable for so called ‘org bandar’ to go there or even get their education there. But it is really suitable for us to change ourselves. Ya laa. Living in town, we could easily obtain what we want. Hehe. It is a big deal laa. Anyway Im just watching Ocean 11 and love it.. I know people might say im out-dated. Hell Yes. I just own a laptop. Then only I got the opportunity to keep movies in it. I was not into English movie. Not until I enrolled my form five study. Im not an interesting man. Am I right ? Yeah. Don’t mind bout that. Well, my dream now is just one. I wanna go to Las Vegas. It is too much? No, I guess. Everybody has his own dream. So do I. But perhaps, it seems to be my fantasy. Hope to be true. Who knows, right. It is the end of May. Time is running so fast. I cant turn back. Next sem, im gonna live outside with others 6 friends. Cant imagine how the life would be. Am I ready for this? I don’t know but im better get ready soon as it is only a month to go. Living outside makes things quite complicated. As we used to stay in college, which the accommodations were easily attainable, my spending would not as high as living outside. But yeah, must face it with an open arm. Cant do much. Just wait, wait and keep waiting. Although I live in college, I do skip classes. After this, it is unpredictable. But seriously hope for the best. Class? That would be another problem. What would be if I weren’t comfort in that class? But that’s far more to go. The question that should come to a reasonable man would be, ‘what if my pointer is not satisfied?’ ‘Am I able to catch up all the learning next sem? ‘Do I have enough time to upgrade my grade? For now, Im thinking of any of them. I don’t know why. I got a conflict with myself. Im not keen to study right now. Everything seems hard, dull and boring. I could not stand with it. Just hoping that my result would not be such that bad and I can regain my soul and spirit to study. It is hard to find back the gone spirit. But like it or not, I need it for the betterment of my future. Whats going on with my life now and future? Unpredictable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : for those who sincerely wants to bring and lead me to the right path, you are most welcomed.
~ Tomorrow is 28th May 2009, Thursday. Well, im sure your siblings and your children would love that since the holiday is going to start. But I hate it. All my siblings which are 10 altogether would be at home all days for the whole two weeks which im sick of it. Maybe im not a good brother but I don’t know. For the last two weeks, I got a great time in the morning. Peace. Harmony. No distraction. I can get a good rest until 12pm. But starting tomorrow, the disaster would start to take place and get ready to boom. Oh my. How I wish there is no holiday for secondary and primary school. Hehe. So, we got another 12days to go before our first sem result is going to be released. Seriously we are damn afraid. Im cowardly waiting for the result. I know my result would not bring satisfaction to me but still hoping for the best. I want to think and imagine. During your hard time, how many good friends of yours would come over and lend you their hands. How many people would willingly and gently ask you whether you have a problem or not. How many or how often a good friend of yours cry when you cry and comfort you when you are unwell. Not many rights? But when your friends are facing difficulties, how often you neglect them? How many times do you ask your friends’ condition to ensure whether they are okay or not in a month? It is quite unfair right? There is a quote saying that ‘ do unto others as u expect people to do unto you’. How far does this quote works? So far, based on my real experience, it only works twice. Well, I might be forgotten but as far as I could remember, yes definitely it is only two times works for me. Actually, It does not really a matter. It is actually about sincerity. Do you sincere when you help your friend? Are you sincere enough when you say ‘ don’t worry. I’ll help you ‘.. that’s the point. If you are very sincere, you would not be hoping for a payment or a good treat in future right? Heheh.. it is really tough to be sincere when you’re actually not. So my advice is. Try to sincere yourself in whatever you do. And try to do more good deeds to the people..and not hope for a payment..and stop depending on not put too much hope on someone..because in the future, In one way or another, it might hurt you. Just go with your way.keep it up and improve.that would be even more better.


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