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“The Season of the Witch is Here”

Courtesy of Nusantara Edaran Filem, Nuffnangers will be able to watch Season of the Witch 1 day before its release in Malaysia! Details of the screening are as below:
Date: 5 January 2011
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve
now , i'm gonna tell you 
what scares you the most about witches
wait for it people =D

When I was a kid, it goes like this :

Witches?GOD!..i look like a fool to believe in such thing.Do they really exist? What do you think this is, Hocus Pocus? people are retards!”. That’s my sister Suzane. She hates me. She hates everything that im fondly scared about. Yeah, she is the positive of me. Im the skinny,timid,scared-of-everything-sister, while she is the loud, capable-of-everything-including-eating-four-bowls-of-rice-sister!..huh. And I hate her. In fact, she always told mummy the wrong stories about the good deeds I’ve done. She twisted it and makes it a bad one. She loves black. And most importantly, I’m scared of her. Enough said. 

Last night, we went out to the movies to watch a local movie titled ‘Eat Him Alive’. Living in Manhattan isn’t as great as it was like living in Minnesota. I miss our small house back in Minnesota. Everything was green in Minnesota. It was like living in the land of Nursery Rhymes. There’s a cute fireplace in the living room and there was no automatic shower like the ones we have here. Mom had to boil the water every morning just to keep us warm before school. Manhanttan to me,is like a monster city. Loads of fast cars and crazy people moving about. Yeap!..they’re all witches. I hate witches since I was a very young kid. It all started with my sister and her bright-idiotic-idea during Halloween.

Mom told her to look after me but she refused because she wanted to have fun. So, my smart like sister brought me to the scariest house in my area. It was said that a man once died there because a ghost of a witch murdered him.( yeaa right..snort!)I was walking slowly but my sister insisted that I followed her. She told me that the old man living in the house would give us extra candy. ( I later found out that she brought me to the house so that I would feel scared and ran back home). But it was so not gonna happen because being only 8 years old, I was even more interested in the candy rather than ghosts of dead witches lurking around. (dumb-ass!)

As we approached the house, I could feel the spooky environment all over me. You see, it was an old house at the end of the road and it was surrounded with big oak trees. My sister on the other hand was gripping me tightly. For a moment there I was really confused whether she gripped me tightly in a protecting mode or is it because she’s scared. God knows what she was thinking at that moment. She only knocked once and a few seconds after that an old lady opened the door. Yeap, an old lady and not an old man. She was really old and for a second there she looked as if she was really sick. But then she smiled and handed us a candy each. Yikess! much for a ‘candies’. We headed back home after that. A few steps away from the house both of us heard a really loud evil laugh..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!..I WILL KILL YOU LITTLE CHILDREN AND EAT YOU ALIVE!..

(well, a few years after that I heard the same laugh and the same a TV SHOW!)..pathetic~..

Anyways, we ran back home as fast as we could with candies all over the road. Suzane got over it fast enough. As for me, I felt sick for a few days and every night I would dream about crazy witches. The dream would differ every night and each of the dreams involves witches. Hurmmm…lets see,..there was a witch with a broom that chases people after midnight and boiled peoples head for soup, theres this witch who would eat candy made out of children’s saliva and there is even a witch who uses spell to turn kids into monkeys. 
Suzane would tease me around the house with her black hoodie and long curly hair. She even made fake imitation scars on her face just to scare me. She would make the exact same noise as those we heard while I was bathing in the toilet. That definitely spooked me out and I would rush out of the toilet with whatever soap there is still stuck on my body or hair. Silly!!

At that moment, I was really,really scared bout witches..i couldn’t even look at an old lady with long curly hair who smiles at people. It really freaked me out. There were of cause a few reasons why im scared of witches. Firstly is because of their ugly face. Owh please, it’s a norm that all witches are ugly. Wait!..not ugly but fugly!..

Remember Hansel and Gretel? That witch was an ugly one with really ugly features. They never have the slightest intention of being nice. I grew up with tales about witches being bad and trust me, it was never a good one. Take Joan of Arc for instance. Well yeah, I am stupid but I think she was killed because of witchcraft

Next is because witches know spells. There was this story (don’t remember the name),it was about this 3 woman who uses spells to voodoo a man. AAAAArgghhhhh!...only crazy people would say that witchcrafts are nice and not mean. They used dolls and poked it with pins and the man would go yelling like a madman and die.

Born a Malaysian, at least I do know a lot of Malaysian words and it includes ‘Nenek Kebayan’ and also ‘Ahli Sihir’. To me, both are equally mean. Ahli Sihir on the other hand sounded even meaner. It brings an evil meaning that ‘sihir’ itself is bad, moreover if it is exercised. That’s why it’s called ‘Ahli Sihir’
Harry Potter may be an exception for placing characters of intelligent witches to be sincerely nice and educated, to be specific, Hermione Granger. Owh pleaseee, to me no matter how good you paste on the wall about a good witch, I will forever and always be scared of them. Witches are worst than clowns. At least clowns are colorful. Witches are not!!

Witches have broomsticks that can fly! I always imagined that mean witches would fly to my window and take me away. Ghost’s can fly. So does a witch. See, I told you theres always something to be scared about when it comes to witches.

Well, I never really recover from my coward-ness towards witches. Eventhough, I found out that the loud laugh was actually form a tv show few years ago, but the fact that I was scared for too long made it a permanent stain in my blood. I have a 4 year old niece named Marissa whom I loved dearly. Im scared of her too since she always peed whenever I bathe her. She peed in my face once!

Well, Suzane died 4 years ago while giving birth to Marissa. To me, even if Suzane is no longer around, Marissa will always be a little witch replacing her mother. 

This time, im brave enough to say that im scared as hell to a 4 year old witch that I love dearly. =)

witch from Malaysia ?
huh not scary enough, though . 

witch with broomstick. hmmm.
even the big one can fly with 
a broomstick.

Malika ! Huh !

this is the most scariest witch 
i could find. look at her nose.

p/s : nicely prepared by my bff Liestje Aida. both of us shared ideas to ensure this entry would be nice and win the best entry for Nuffnang, Insya Allah. however, most of the ideas came from her. :D

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