Monday, June 20, 2011


It happens to me earlier this morning, as I woke up, I felt sad. Deeply depressed and mixed feeling. So I decided to continue with my daily routine , which is watching movie . searching from a long list of movies in my external . shit ! no interesting title ! so I remember , someone suggested me to watch Love Happens . at the end of the story , I just felt connected to the story . yet , different situation duh . I have no dead wife . but the way both of us , I mean the leading role in that movie , in living our life , is quite the same . we live in DENIAL

Now I understand , why that person suggested “thrice” for me to watch this . Well I guess , I realized that I have done too many mistakes in life which some of them are too late to be fixed . it is already broken , and no way It can be amended . reality hurts kan ? aku rasa ramai kot macam aku ni . but there have matured way to overcome it . while aku macam budak budak , duk merenget sini sana , and nothing’s solved . kan ? so lets play the game . tema movie aku hari ni adalah Love Happens and Ugly Truth . how bout you guys ? happy Monday people . don’t hate Monday , it does nothing to you . it is just a day . 

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