Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Life never been easy ..

As much as i am happy with my job , 

As much as i am happy with my life , 

deep inside , i am tormented , disappointed .

i tried to look at things from different perspectives .

but it turns out deadlock , cannot find a way out .

back to square one , back to the old idea that i had in mind . 

i know it is never someone's job to please everyone .

it is not mine either .

but that's what i do best . 

well, at least that's what i think i could do best . 

i never put hope , because i know , at the end i would end up being sad .

but sometimes , i have to admit , i am not perfect .

i somewhat put hope , and of course i could expect the outcome .

so now i am in the state of overcoming the outcome . 

be strong and do not lose faith 

that is what i keep telling myself .

they say, just chill up and you will be happy.

well i chill up every time, i am happy on the outside .

but inside , i don't think people would understand.

when we don't complain ,

people think we are okay with everything .

but they don't know, we keep our mouth shut 

because we know , if we do complain ,

nothing will change , NOTHING .

because that's life .

you wont get what you want . 

Syed Muzzamir


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well i chill up every time, i am happy on the outside .

but inside , i don't think people would understand.
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